Local moves can be just as difficult as long distance moves, but Proline Moving and Storage's experience makes it all look easy.



With locations in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Green Bay, Houston, Indianapolis, Madison, and Milwaukee, Proline Moving and Storage can make your long distance happen easily and affordably!


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    Proline Moving and Storage
    4852 Top Line Dr
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    Proline Moving and Storage Goes the Distance

    Move with Kids

    Talk freely to your children about the move
    Keep your normal routine when possible
    Keep familiar items such as toys, books, blankets and teddy bears

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    Move with Pets

    Update Your Pet’s Tags and make copies
    Ask for Veterinary Records. Keep hardcopy and softcopy
    Keep Medications and Food on Hand

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    Moving Tips

    Get rid of anything you aren’t bringing
    Find out where to dispose of household chemicals
    Make a list of everything you’re bringing

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    Moving Hacks

    First and Lasts
    Pack the kitchen first, it's actually the most complicated room to pack
    Don’t clean as you go
    Once everything is moved into the new house, unpack the bedroom first

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    Proline Moving & Storage
    4852 Top Line Dr
    Dallas TX 75247
    Phone: (800) 893-5261


    Jessie H

    Jessie H

    Very professional, respectful, and explained every single detail!!! ...
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    Davis B

    Very good job. I was very satisfied with their work ...
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    Brenda K

    Great experience, very friendly and professional ...
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    Everyone was very friendly and efficient. Definitely would recommend to others ...

    About Us

    Thank you for considering Proline Moving and Storage your best choice for long distance moving and storage. Moving is our specialty, service is our guarantee. We serve the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex with major locations also in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Green Bay, Houston, Indianapolis, Madison and Milwaukee. So, whether you’re moving across the country or across town. We specialize in long distance moves and take pride in all the services we provide. "We get it done so you don't have to!"

    We’re here to do whatever you need to make the move as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We’re a full service moving companies committed to professional service during what can be a stressful time for many people.

    We’re known for punctuality, reliability and all around great service. Call us the next time you’re ready to move … we’ve put together a complimentary moving checklist that will make finding things a breeze at your new location…as well as making sure nothing was left behind. Click here to view and print it.

    Thanks again for considering Proline Moving and Storage We look forward to the opportunity to serve your moving and storage needs!